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== viewing local changes ==
== viewing local changes ==
svn stat
git status
svn diff
== submitting work ==
== submitting work ==

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SVN repository layout

RackTables repository currently employs a layout, which is quite standard for SVN.

The place for releases. Once a release have been copied here, its files must not be changed (with the only allowed exception of SVN metadata).
This is where most of unstable commits happen.
Branches are development lines, which can last up to several months, but eventually get deleted anyway (merged into the mainstream or not). A typical branch is "maintenance-0.X.Y", which is the place to commit bugfixes. These bugfixes become available by means of maintenance releases, and risky commits happen and get tested in trunk. Once the next stable line is ready, the old one becomes unmaintained and gets deleted.

getting a working copy of source

# Anyone can read from the repository, but writing requires being a project developer.
svn co https://racktables.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/racktables/branches/maintenance-0.19.x/

# Above command is for the maintenance line. For the trunk (see roadmap picture for exact
# difference between two) respective command is:
svn co https://racktables.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/racktables/trunk/

editing files

Use your favourite editor. Please consider existing code style: the default is to keep with Allman style (not with K&R, as was mistakenly stated here before). Indentation is always performed with tabs, please use any tab width you are comfortable with.

Here is an example of a function:

// take port list with order applied and return uplink ports in the same format
function produceUplinkPorts ($domain_vlanlist, $portlist)
	$ret = array();
	$employed = array();
	foreach ($domain_vlanlist as $vlan_id => $vlan)
		if ($vlan['vlan_type'] == 'compulsory')
			$employed[] = $vlan_id;
	foreach ($portlist as $port_name => $port)
		if ($port['vst_role'] != 'uplink')
			foreach ($port['allowed'] as $vlan_id)
				if (!in_array ($vlan_id, $employed))
					$employed[] = $vlan_id;
	foreach ($portlist as $port_name => $port)
		if ($port['vst_role'] == 'uplink')
			$employed_here = array();
			foreach ($employed as $vlan_id)
				if (matchVLANFilter ($vlan_id, $port['wrt_vlans']))
					$employed_here[] = $vlan_id;
			$ret[$port_name] = array
				'vst_role' => 'uplink',
				'mode' => 'trunk',
				'allowed' => $employed_here,
				'native' => 0,
	return $ret;

viewing local changes

git status

submitting work

# if you have an account
svn commit

# and if you don't
svn diff > my-cool-feature.patch
# send the patch file by e-mail