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Mapping of assets

DNS domain is currently registered through GoDaddy, which also provides 2 free nameservers. Aaron manages the domain. mail mail is handled by Zoho Mail offers free service for up to three e-mail addresses. Two mailing lists exist, "devteam" and "info", which are setup to forward all messages to every development team member.

racktables-users mail

FreeLists is a great free service without accompanying advertisements. The only drawback about it is that it is non-profit and can go down some day, hence make sure the list of subscribers is present in a recent backup tarball.

To manage the mailing list, go to this page and use the form to the left. Input your email subscribed to the list. If you don't remember your password, log in with an empty password, in this case the system will email you a one-time token to input on the next screen. Once logged in, you will see a very long SELECT with all lists of FreeLists. Click on the SELECT and press "r" to get to items starting with R. Select racktables-users and press "Select list" below. On the next screen press "Admin Menu". To manage individual subscribers, select one on the "Current List Users" SELECT and press "User Options". VACATION, MODPOST and NOPOST are the most frequently used flags, their meaning is explained inline.

Please think twice before changing any of the list-wide settings on the "Edit List Config" menu, these settings influence all subscribers of racktables-users.

Bug tracker, wiki, demo host

Arnaud Launay is the administrator of the server hosting this wiki, Mantis and the RackTables demo. To get SSH access there, be a team member and find someone who already has access.


SF download stats work for the downloads. Google analytics works for the content of and

SourceForge project vhost.


SourceForge project FRS.

Backup procedure

the backup directory

mkdir RackTables-project-backup-`date +%Y%m%d`
cd RackTables-project-backup-`date +%Y%m%d`

racktables-users mailing list

Send an empty email with subject "who racktables-users" to and you will get a list of all subscribers. Save it to the backup directory as "racktables-users.txt".

Git repositories

git clone git:// racktables.git
git clone git:// racktables-contribs.git

SourceForge data

Backup stuff accessible from SF SSH only:

ssh -t YOUR_SF_USERNAME, create
tar czf /home/project-web/racktables/htdocs/

sf-help | fgrep 'ssh -p'
# Note the hostname and the port and copy the files from SF shell to the backup directory:
scp -P 24006 .

# in SF shell again

Bug tracker, wiki data

SSH into the host and create a new backup directory.

mkdir ~/RackTables-apps-backup
cd ~/RackTables-apps-backup

Copy the applications into the backup directory on the server. This is important because they contain uploaded files and configuration settings.

tar czf bugs.tar.gz ~/www/bugs
tar czf wiki.tar.gz ~/www/wiki

Export the database for each application.

mysqldump -u <username> -p <dbname> > bugs.sql
mysqldump -u <username> -p <dbname> > wiki.sql

SCP the remote server directory to the local backup directory, then remove it from the server.

Final check

Now the backup directory must have these files/directories:

  • racktables.git
  • racktables-contribs.git
  • racktables-users.txt
  • RackTables-apps-backup
    • wiki.tar.gz
    • wiki.sql
    • bugs.tar.gz
    • bugs.sql