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Feature Wishlist

This is a random list of desired features.

  • Clone an object
    • Some attributes would be copied (SW version, RAM) but some would not (serial number, MAC addresses)
  • Re-discover an object
    • NICs may be exchanged in a server, or a blade may be added to a switch. Re-discovering the object would add/change ports and other attributes, but wouldn't delete any existing data unless confirmed by the user.
  • Allow duplicate IPv4 networks, at least for the private space.
    • When assigning a non-unique IP to an object, ask the user to specify which subnet it is from.
  • Provide an 'Integrity Check' report which lists problems
    • Tables using the MyISAM engine which should be using InnoDB
    • Missing system-level rows (Attributes, for example)
    • Missing foreign keys or triggers
    • Invalid data which cannot be constrained using foreign keys (EntityLink, for example)
  • Manage plugins from the web interface
    • Install/uninstall, enable/disable capability capability
    • Install/uninstall features handle DB table creation/destruction