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This page is for thoughts about documenting of cables, patch-panels, splices and cross-connects in RT.

Object types

2 new object types: Cross and Cable.

Cable is a solid cable connecting two or more Crosses. It could be cut and terminated/connected by some of its fibers in any of its Crosses.

While Cross is much like a traditional object, Cable is a fundamentally new type. It has:

 * physical medium type (SM fiber, twisted pair, etc)
 * a model
 * named fibers. Actually Cable is a group of crossable cables (fibers)
 * a set of Crosses which a Cable belongs to
 * length and shape which could be represented visually on a map

A Cross contains connections between fibers of its Cables and its ports. All these connections are inside the Cross (none of them does not occupy a port connector on Cross'es front). These connections could be of types:

 * loops (two ports of Cross connected)
 * terms (one of the fibers connected to one of the ports)
 * xconnect (two fibers connected)

Each of such connection could have a type (i.e. splice, glued, mates, soldering, jointing)