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802.1Q VLAN management in RackTables

known limitations

  • port naming is fixed and cannot be changed
  • importing configuration for a port, which has VLANs 1~4094 allowed, is very slow
  • for uplink-downlink reverb feature to work, both ports must have correct markup, have respective records on the Ports tab, and these records must be linked
  • there is no support for configuration templates like those in LiveVLANs
  • VLAN1 cannot be used on uplink or downlink ports
  • VLAN domains require a special setup procedure to work properly
  • unbinding of 802.1Q order hides existing 802.1Q ports config, blocking object deletion
  • not all hardware supports trunk ports w/o allowed VLANs, and this is not handled by RackTables
  • ExtemeOS requires a special VLAN naming scheme
  • there is no user interface for the "disabled" deploy queue
  • when only one VLAN is permitted for an access port by VST, '802.1Q ports' form still displays a SELECT for that port with the only option 'no change'